Ewe giveaway offers largest prizes in LambEx history

Four lucky winners at LambEx 2018 took a share in the largest Win a Ewe Competition LambEx has ever seen –  50 Merinos, 25 Ultra Whites, 25 Kojaks or 25 Kelsos.

Thank you very much to our sponsors – Stud Merino Breeders Association of WA, Hillcroft Farms, Breeders Best Genetics and Kelso.

The Stud Merino Breeders of WA sourced 50 ewes from across the state from the following studs – Wiringa Park, Ejanding, Neearra, Eastville Park and Derella Downs.

The Ultra Whites were bred by Dawson Bradford, the Kojaks by Craig Heggaton and the Kelsos by Roger House.

The LambEx committee is very grateful for the generous donation of these sheep.

The winning tickets were drawn on Tuesday 7 August at 3.30pm at the conclusion of LambEx.


and the winners are … 

• The 50 Merino ewes were coordinated by the Stud Merino Breeders Association of WA with ewes donated by Wiringa Park, Ejanding, Neearra, Derella Downs & Pyramid Poll Merino Studs and Eastville Park and won by Michael and Jordon Foote in Poowong, Victoria.
• The 25 Kojak ewes donated by Breeders Best Genetics, won by Harold Pearce of Willyung, WA
• The 25 Ultra White ewes from Hillcroft Farms won by Colin Jacob of Claremont North, WA
• The 25 Kelso ewes from Dorrington Farm won by Peter Drage of Crawbrook, WA