2018 Program

Sunday 5 August

4:00pm – Registration desk opens

6:00pm – Fletcher International Exports Welcome Function

Sponsored by Fletcher International Exports   |  Dress Code: Smart Casual

LambEx 2018 Chair, Bindi Murray, welcomes delegates from across Australia and overseas to the opening of this year’ conference at the Fletcher International Exports Welcome Function in the LambEx Exhibition Pavilion 1.

8:00pm – Welcome Function close

Monday 6 August - Day 1: From End User to Embryo

6:30am – Registration desk opens

7:00am – 8:15am LambEx 2018 Breakfast Seminars,

Sponsored by AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds, Sheep CRC and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Option 1: AusWest & Stephen Pasture Seeds Breakfast Seminar  |  Riverview Room 4
AusWest Seeds invites you to join us for breakfast. We will discuss how the use of novel forages with improved nutritive value, that are easily harvested, helps lambs consume as close to their potential as possible. Combined with appropriate stocking rates, especially when they are targeted to responsive periods in their annual cycle, using these novel forages can have a significant impact on the output from livestock systems. We’ll see you then!

Option 2: Sheep CRC Breakfast Seminar  |  Meeting Room 1-3
The Sheep CRC invites you to the launch of ASKBILL, the new app that provides timely and accurate predictions for your sheep well-being and productivity using climate, stock and pasture information. Combine ASKBILL with the Sheep CRC’s RamSelect system and DNA test range, and you’ll unleash a powerful suite of products that drives new productivity gains in your sheep business. Don’t miss this exciting breakfast seminar event as part of LambEx 2018.

Option 3: Boehringer Ingelheim Breakfast Seminar  |  Riverview Room 5
The face of animal husbandry is changing, it is now routine for effective pain relief to be used during livestock procedures in cattle, pigs, and horses. Now sheep can benefit too. Learn about the latest research in this space, the different types of pain relief available and the benefits to your sheep. New research has also uncovered numerous benefits to growing lambs with the use of controlled release capsules in pregnant ewes, through lambing and in to the critical peripaturient rise, when both ewe and lamb are most susceptible to parasite burden. Boehringer Ingelheim offers the only controlled release product with 100 day worm protection and a pain relief solution to ensure your lambs are happy, healthy and productive.

7:30am – Trade exhibition open

8:30am – All delegates to be seated in the Riverside Theatre

8:40am – Bindi Murray, LambEx 2018 Chair – Official opening

8:45am – Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, speaking on behalf of major event partner WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Session 1  |  Riverside Theatre

8:55am – Jason Trompf, JT Agri Consulting and guests

The sheep supply chain balancing act. Welcome to this fascinating insight into the achievements and leakages of the sheep supply chain. We know that the ambition to achieve a consistently profitable sheep business across the supply chain is a complex matter and this segment highlights why. In doing so, it provides the context for the choice of speakers and the topics that follow. Prepare to feel great one minute and squirm the next as a series of special guests help sheep consultant Jason Trompf take a forensic look at what’s really going on.

9:50am – Charlie Arnot, US Center for Food Integrity

Have we moved the needle on consumer trust? Charlie Arnot is an international authority on how to build consumer trust. But how much of a threat is a lack of trust to the way we currently do business? And is the percentage of consumers who really care about how food is produced enough to rock the boat? Charlie had an inside look at the Australian sheep industry when he spoke at LambEx 2012. Six years on, we ask him to check in, draw on his current experiences in building consumer trust and look at the road ahead.

Session 2  |  Riverside Theatre

Session 2 sponsored by Merinotech WA

11:15am – Lisa Sharp, Chief Marketing Officer, Meat & Livestock Australia

Meating the Market. A look at the new generation sheep eater through the lens of making sure we produce what they want. Where do our future customers live? What are the cuts they are likely to eat? How inclined are they to pay for what they want and what does it mean for the opportunities in front of the Australian lamb producer?

11:35am – Dr Mark Ferguson, neXtgen Agri Ltd

The ewes of the future for you. Let’s fast forward 10 years to look at the ewes that will be needed to meet the expectations of the markets outlined by MLA. There’ll be many different markets and many different genetics but surely some common denominators of the future ewe? Where will she be at with muscling, fat, early growth and maternal efficiency? Is she more robust to the seasons and able to flourish in high stocking rates? Is she bigger or smaller? While there is no ‘one size fits all’, consultant Dr Mark Ferguson will provide a brave look at the options and give producers a sense of how to get there.

12:05pm – Ashley Herbert, Agrarian Management

The layman’s version of making complex genetic decisions easy. Science and technology is combining to provide the tools to make better breeding decisions. Respected WA sheep consultant Ashley Herbert knows better than most the range of sheep production systems that exist to fit an enterprise and location situation. In this session, he looks at how to put the right emphasis on the genetics that match your system’s objectives. With commercial genomic flock testing within reach, the opportunity to exploit genetics to optimise productivity has never been greater.

12:25pm – Clayton South, Wagin

The practical on-farm reality. Wagin producer Clayton South is applying every technology and tool he has available to him to future-proof his sheep business. It’s a commercial operation but one that draws heavily on an understanding of genetics and breeding values to drive profitability. This is testimony that there is a commercial value proposition in taking genetics seriously.

 12:45pm – Lunch, Sponsored by Heritage Seeds

Session 3   |  Riverside Theatre

2:00pm – Prof Dave Pethick, Murdoch University

The conundrum of eating quality versus lean meat yield. Science has long proven the inverse relationship between eating quality and lean meat yield. Yet it’s important to manage both aspects on-farm. Australia’s foremost red meat scientist Professor Dave Pethick provides his perspective on how farmers can best manage for these traits in the paddock.

2:30pm – Sarah Stewart, Murdoch University

Objective carcase measurement – the missing link in value-based marketing. Technology could revolutionise the way we measure intra muscular fat. Sarah Stewart gives us a glimpse of what this could mean for the lamb industry.

2:40pm – Kelly Pearce, WAMMCO director, meat scientist and sheep producer

The business case for objective carcase measurement and eating quality. Wearing firstly her WAMMCO hat, Kelly Pearce considers the options for pricing mechanisms and necessary industry changes that will drive reward for eating quality and lean meat yield and then, secondly, from a farm perspective, considers what changes will be needed in her farm business to respond to such pricing. Is breeding for eating quality likely to reap financial rewards in the sheep industry of the future?

3:00pm – LambEx 2018 Young Guns

Sponsored by Australian White Suffolk Association and NAB Agribusiness.

Our industry’s future professionals have been asked to Identify and discuss a key opportunity within the Australian lamb industry and how it will influence the future of the sheep and lamb sector. This is your chance to meet the finalists and get a glimpse of the views they shared with their judges and peers. Hosted by MC Graham Gardner.

Session 4  |  Riverside Theatre

Session 4 sponsored by Primaries of WA

4:00pm – Glenn Woodhams, Kojonup, WA

When simple is best. Glenn and Helen Woodhams are keen croppers with an insistence that sheep must be easy. The success of their sheep enterprise is centred almost exclusively on the live export trade.

4:20pm – Kirk Reynolds, Dardanup, WA

When sheep are the key to asset optimisation. Dardanup-based ‘grass master’ Kirk Reynolds is a dairy pastures and business consultant and an after-hours sheep farmer. Having acknowledged that astute management of the pastures in his operation is not only the best use of his high-value asset, it’s the quickest way to debt reduction on that land investment. Backed by detailed performance and profit records of the last five years, he is fine-tuning a system that sees up to 1000 lambs turned off in a manner that optimises market opportunities and land capacity.

4:40pm – Tim Leeming, Pigeon Ponds, VIC

Applying the lessons from lifetime maternal trials. We take a short trip to Victoria to see first-hand a story of a composite flock that is nailing lamb survival through a strong focus on animal welfare.

5:00pm – Day 1 Close

6:30pm – Virbac International Pre-Dinner Drinks  |  BelleVue Foyer

7:30pm – 11:30pm – Australian Wool Innovation GrandsLamb Dinner  |  BelleVue Ballrooms

with meat supplied by WAMMCO International

Tuesday 7 August - Day 2: Innovation and high-tech ag

7:00am – Registration desk opens

7:00am – Trade exhibition opens

7:15am – 8:30am – Gallagher Breakfast

Session 5  |  Riverside Theatre

9:00am – Welcome to Day Two

9:05am – Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Independent Director, Beef + Lamb NZ

Preparing for disruptive change. As artificial intelligence, cellular agriculture, bitcoins and blockchains emerge as common language, it is difficult to predict how quickly this will change our way of doing sheep business. Independent Director of Beef + Lamb New Zealand, and its first non-farmer director, Melissa Clark-Reynolds brings a unique perspective to global disruptive change, with an agricultural twist.

9:45am – Sarah Hyland, Founder and Director, SHYLAND

Managing the meat disruption. We know millennials are light on for cooking skills and UberEATS is their new form of food shopping. This means fewer supermarket appearances made by 22-37 year old consumers who comprise 22% of Australia. So what does this mean for you and your on-farm lamb marketing strategy? Consultant Sarah Hyland explores the impact of the extraordinary growth of meals by home delivery, looks at how lamb can get in on that act and the impact of this trend on the fresh meat industry. Then, there’s the whole ‘meat that’s not really meat thing’ …

10:10am – Angus Street, AuctionsPlus

Do we have amazon-style disruption for livestock marketing ahead? AuctionsPlus has spent 30 years trying to disrupt the way farmers trade livestock. Sales and Marketing Manager Angus Street explores why it took so long to disrupt it and why the time is now right. Is the exponential wave of change about to crash through traditional saleyards? We ask Angus to share his views on the next disruption to the way we market our livestock, what it looks like and what does it mean for the producer?

Session 6

11:30am – John Paul Collins , DPIRD

Where is technology taking us? DPIRD’s John Paul Collins will present the five must-have technology infusions that offer a more-than acceptable pay-back period and a significant change in streamlining sheep management. These are the incentives that will challenge the next generation to introduce and optimise!

11:45am – Dr Rick Llewellyn, CSIRO

Making it pay. There are so many new technologies headed our way, and one of the long-touted options is virtual fencing. But will it be worth the effort? Research funded by the Australian Government and Grains Research and Development Corporation is demonstrating that spatial grazing through the use of virtual fencing could greatly increase the potential for higher sheep numbers to increase overall whole-farm profit – even by over 15%. CSIRO Research Group Leader Dr Rick Llewellyn tells us how.

11:55am – Dr Dean Revell, Revell Science

Future feeds. There are some exciting future feeds on the near horizon that may well enable us to bust through the ‘grass ceiling’ and extend the growing season. What are they? Will our soils and systems cope with the new pressures and will these feeds deliver the next leap in sustainable profit. Dr Dean Revell will give us his top tips to managing animals to make better use of forage diversity.

12:20pm – Brad Wooldridge, Arthur River

Technology reality check. We hear about virtual fencing, high resolution satellites and the capacity to integrate cropping variable rate technology with pastures. Will these and future feeds transform our sheep feeding operations in the next decade? We ask WA’s best known early adopter of all things ag-tech Brad Wooldridge.

12:40pm – Session 7 Sponsor Sheep Producers Australia message

 12:45pm – Lunch, Sponsored by Beaufort River Meats

Session 7  |  Riverside Theatre

Session 7 sponsored by Sheep Producers Australia.

2:00pm – Professor Graeme Martin, University of WA

The gene technology that could deliver the Australian sheep flock its next quantum leap. A radical transformation that delivers our future ewe is now more than a possibility. The science is here. Professor Graeme Martin asks ‘will we take the baton and run with it’?


2:30pm – Nathan Scott, Achieve Ag

The traceability imperative. Victorian sheep consultant Nathan Scott has been at the coal face of the introduction of electronic identification (EID) in Victoria. It has led him to form a unique perspective of the traceability imperative that is looming. From food fraud to biosecurity, here are all the reasons why EID is coming. Everywhere.

3:00pm – James Rebanks, The Shepherd

From a small farm in the UK to world-wide farm fame. Four years ago, James Rebanks, a shepherd from England’s famously beautiful Lake District, opened a Twitter account. It was a decision that changed his life. Rebanks now has nearly 80,000 followers around the world, and they cannot get enough of the daily happenings of his sheep, his dogs and his mountain-country farm. Twitter fame led to a book deal, with his memoir The Shepherd’s Life becoming a critically acclaimed international bestseller which has been translated into 18 languages — not bad given Rebanks left school at 15, barely able to write. James delivers a poignant finale to the LambEx audience.

3:30pm – Announcement of the Fairfax Win-a-Ewe competition

Sponsored by Fairfax Agricultural Media

3:45pm – LambEx 2018 Close

Other Events

Sunday 5 August: Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Forum

11.00am – 5.00pm – FREE event and all are welcome to attend.

Organisers: Sheep Producers Australia with support of the Department for Agriculture and Water Resources and Meat & Livestock Australia.

The Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Forum is the place to be to interact and exchange ideas with other industry leaders and emerging leaders. Prepare to learn more about the sheep industry, network, laugh, be challenged and see how your future leadership journey may unfold. You’ll also meet one of the most famous farmers on Twitter … all the way from the UK, The Shepherd – James Rebanks. Be the first to hear the LambEx 2018 Young Guns finalists, Australia’s next generation of lamb leaders, before the winners are announced at LambEx. The forum will also officially launch the Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Network and outline the range of opportunities and professional development on offer.


Riverview Room 4
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA 6000

Booking Details

Wednesday 8 August: 2018 Global Markets Forum - Sheepmeat

7:00am – 9:30am AWST – 2018 Global Markets Forum – Sheepmeat

Organisers: Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)

Join Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) over a hot breakfast to hear about MLA’s lamb insights and the trends shaping lamb consumption, trade and market access issues, and the strategies MLA is pursuing to support the growth of Australian lamb in our domestic and key lamb export markets, to ensure Australian lamb is in the premier position on the global stage.


Meeting Room 1
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA 6000

Booking details

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