International Delegates

An invitation to Australia’s premier sheep and lamb conference.

Australia is a world-renowned exporter of high quality sheepmeat, lamb and wool products. It is a powerhouse of production – Australia is one of the largest exporters of lamb and mutton in the world and is the second highest producing country behind China. Nearly 75% of Australia’s production is exported to more than 100 markets. It is also the world’s largest exporter of wool.

Australia is home to a wide range of production systems for sheep, lamb and wool including low-rainfall pastoral, high-rainfall grass-fed and feedlots of all shapes and sizes. Wool production ranges from superfine to strong wool types, servicing a myriad of uses around the world.

The Australian industry is dynamic, ever-changing and improving – a testament to the innovative and resilient farmers who comprise the sector.

We invite you to experience the Australian lamb and sheepmeat industry at its finest at LambEx 2018.